Financial Assistance

According to the type of project, you will be able to take advantage of various location incentives covering investment, employment, taxation and R&D.

1. Investment in real estate and the costs incurred by this type of investment :

  • Aid in purchasing land and construction.
  • Aid in obtaining industrial equipment.
  • Aid in intangible investment for SMEs.
  • Regional funds for consultancy services (FAAC).
  • Aid in the creation of management jobs.
  • Aid in training and adjusting to a particular job.
  • And more…

Training schemes and government incentives are available for newly hired employees:

  • Covering all or part of employee recruitment costs.
  • Covering all or part of employee training costs.

2. Taxation: with exemption from business tax and exemption from taxes levied on new companies.

3. R & D
For high level R&D programs, the Aquitaine Region and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Department pay subsidies and make repayable advances:

Level of R&D Without cross-border


In cross-border cooperation

with an SME or R&D center

Upstream industrial research

(stage: technological validation)

50% (of R&D costs) 65% (of R&D costs)
Experimental development (stage: up to prototype) 25% (of R&D costs) 40% (of R&D costs)
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