Green R&D

Research covers various sectors, ranging from waste management to energy efficiency. Studies and experiments are carried out on:

  • energy production (anaerobic digestion for the production of methane, marine energy),
  • energy savings (eco-design, eco-construction),
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The research platform, Energea, explores the field of renewable energies (optimization of electric power networks). The public interest group, Littoral Aquitain, studied the coastline, its erosion and resources; industrialists use this study to develop innovative marine energy projects.

The Landes de Juzan technology park in Anglet (and its technological resource center, Nobatex) is entirely dedicated to research in eco-construction. Engineers and other specialists in city planning and sustainable construction provide their technical know-how and expertise to companies seeking to save energy. Their mission is to integrate environmental criteria in property development projects, material design and construction processes.

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