Jérôme THUILLIER – Clae, californie

It was back in 2012 during the AGENDA specialised show in Long Beach, California, where Jérôme Thuillier met Invest Basque Country. Founded in 2001, CLAE is a contemporary brand for top of the range, comfortable sneakers. Jérôme Thuillier quotes the designer Charles Eames when describing the benefits of this European subsidiary’s location :

“In the end it all came together: the people, ideas and objects. The quality of contacts is the key to quality itself”.

He adds : “Support from Invest Basque Country was a huge asset for our project. The synergy and dynamism created with other players present is a true opportunity. With our handmade sneakers using the noblest materials, we wanted to create a quality working environment for our team and today Olatu Leku is the ideal environment”.




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