“I like the spirit of Basque gastronomy: its character, strong tastes, and authentic craftsmanship. Everything is produced and processed locally. The Basque countryside is an immense area of natural activity. There is always land available, as well as a qualified workforce at attractive labour costs.”

At the Center of the World we grow, farm and process food. Local gastronomy is an age-old tradition and the Basque Country has invested in its agri-food sector. The local agri-food business is particularly renowned for its meat, dairy, confectionery and fish.

The agri-food business employs 3,000 people in over 100 companies.

A cluster has brought together all the sector’s stakeholders in order to:

      - develop joint projects with different producers, farmers and growers;
      - promote farm-to-fork distribution;
      - optimise food processing;
      - create eco-design packaging;
      - contribute to a regional brand;
      - make local agri-business a veritable growth sector;
      - make sustainable development a major strategic approach.
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