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“Our main asset is the Technopole and its research centres, including the engineering school and potential scientific partnerships. Another is our excellent living environment with very short traveling times. This is a frequently heard remark from managers of companies that have set up business here!”

The Basque Country likes being linked to the rest of the world! This is why, for nearly 30 years, the Basque Country has been asserting its wish to be part of the digital economy. This can been seen through the creation of a specialised site: Izarbel Science Park.

The 20-hectare site has highly developed super-fast broadband connections with several operator networks and a shared service data centre.

Today, the Technopole is home to:

    -  100 companies and corporate offices (Robosoft, Exakis, Certim, Iséo, Precimecan, Apave, etc.),
    - 3 laboratories (innovation support services),
    - 1 engineering school (ESTIA, The Institute of Advanced Industrial Technologies, is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and has 650 enrolled students),
    - 1 business centre,
    - 1 business incubator.

Specific aid is provided by the Centre of Technological Resources or by the Communities of Scientific & Technological Interest.

E-commerce companies:

The Basque Country is renowned for its dynamism in the French digital economy and particularly in the field of e-Commerce. A number of business are created or move to the Basque Country every year. They chose the region for its quality of life as well as the resources essential for the development of their business, eg. www.meilleurduchef.com, www.bysmaquillage.fr, www.patatam.com,etc.

The Lanazia e-commerce incubator in Ascain provides storage and office space, as well as business development coaching. Lanazia is host to monthly meetings that aim to share experiences and best practices in e-commerce strategy (entitled traffic-lab, social-lab and conversion-lab). A full network of local contractors is available locally to help you develop your business.

These dedicated sites, Izarbel, Lanazia, as well as Technocité, are true stat-up “accelerators” with great potential. Furthermore, one of the main challenges of  “Nouvelle-Aquitaine”, a “start-up region”, is to position itself a one of the most attractive for start-ups! The Center of the World with its fledings is in pole position

The Bayonne Basque Country Chamber of Commerce and Industry also has a team of experts dedicated to digital performance that can help you throughout your project.

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