Situation / Infrastructure

The Basque Country is a major transit hub.

Road links:
The Basque Country is located in a central position for European road traffic: North/South (Paris-Madrid) and East/West (Bayonne – Toulouse – Marseille). It is crossed by the A63 (North/South) and A64 (East/West) motorways.

Rail links:
It is predicted that by 2020 passenger traffic will reach figures of between 5.9 and 8 million people and that between 10 and 21 million tons of goods will be transported by rail.

Several major economic French and Spanish cities are situated less than 3 hours away by road.

Air links:

Two airports situated in and around Biarritz not only provide direct flights to Paris, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Nice, Marseille but also to Madrid, Barcelona, London, Bristol, Dublin, Geneva, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Brussels.

Maritime links:
The Port of Bayonne was the first port in France to be awarded triple Quality, Safety & Environment certification.

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