Living in the Basque Country :
the good life !

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The Basque Country

Setting up your business in a new location is not an easy decision for you and your team which is why we’d like to explain why the Basque Country is a great place to live. The Basque Country features forests, beaches and the Pyrenees.s On the border between France and Spain, the Basque Country extends from the Ebro river to the Adour (river). With almost 3 million citizens the flora and fauna covering 20 500 km2 is both compelling and attractive in its diversity, culture and traditions. Discover why so many families move here after visiting and why you should come and live in the Basque Country.


Located between the mountains and the ocean, the Basque Country is highly appreciated for the beauty of its wildlife and flora, its renowned sites and its natural environment. Mountain peaks over 400m in altitude cover half the country with the Pyrenees in the middle forming the border between France and Spain. These mountains are home to forests, rivers and the ocean. The wildlife and flora vary according to the altitude and climate providing lush green landscapes year round. The area is also home to numerous mammals (deer, boar, foxes, pottok – prehistoric wild horses). Birdlife is also very present along the coast with crag martins, European storm petrels, ruddy turnstone, gulls and seagulls, and many others. Living in the Basque Country also means enjoying a mild climate dwith sunshine throughout the four seasons.

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The Basque language, or « Euskara » breathes life into this land. With their unique culture and traditions, even those who don’t speak the language fully identify as Basque. The Basques are proud to show off their cultural heritage and locals actively take part in over 3000 festivities organised throughout the year (slike the Fêtes de Bayonne, which has taken place for the past 80 years). The exceptional heritage and artistic exhibitions contribute to making this land an exceptional destination. The Basques are also great sportsmen : you’ll find the compelling Basque pelota, soccer, rugby, golf and boardsports like surfing.

Biarritz is world renown as the European capital of surfing : surf first appeared in 1956 on the ‘‘Côte des Basques’’ beach in Biarritz.