The Basque Country :
the environment and quality of life


When you set up your business in a new location you’ve got to think about the quality of life for the whole team. The Basque Country, close to nature, features a more peaceful and harmonious way of life.

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Here the climate is mostly oceanic with temperatures between 5 and 22°C climbing to  30°C during the summer months. Mountains  cover a significant part of the Basque Country and enjoy snow in the winter. The Basque Country’s climate is generally mild and therefore well-suited to its highly varied plant life.

The Basque Country’s fascinating landscapes feature mountains, lush valleys sand and farmland. Plant life varies according to the altitude and the climate. Heath, heather and other plants adapt to wind and salt along the coast of France while dunes with eucalyptus, maritime pine and tamarix cover the Spanish coastline. Moors and meadows dominate the hilly panorama while dense oak and beech forests cover the mountain landscapes.


The region is unique with more than 300 kilometers of waterways : our rivers are an endless source of water. Several monitoring stations regularly check water quality in order to ensure clean water for the populace before releasing it back into the environment. Various non-profit (NGOs) organise and implement clean water campaigns throughout the year. The air quality in the Basque Country is excellent and stable. With the non-profit Bil Ta Garbi and the County, the Basque Country instituted an aggressive program of waste collection and processing for optimal  household waste management. Subsidies and grants are additional incentives for the farming sector to implement responsible waste management and processing.

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